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Alta Health ensures its products are “Green from the Beginning” by placing an emphasis on sustainability throughout the growth and production process.

Can-Gest from Alta Health blends eight herbal extracts to create a supplement that supports the digestive system, while reducing the risk of conditions like heartburn, bloating, acid reflux and gas. In addition to providing digestive support, this supplement aids in nutrient absorption and clearing stagnant waste. The eight herbs present in Can-Gest, including mallow leaf, peppermint leaf and marigold flowers, have all been used traditionally for various roles revolving around the digestive system, and are pre-steeped to ensure optimum absorption. Can-Gest contains no dairy products, colorings, flavorings or preservatives and is non-GMO and gluten-free. Can-Gest can be bought either in bottles of 100 capsules or 4 oz. powder tubs that can be made into tea.

Alta Silica from Alta Health is an extract of the horsetail herb containing native silica that is highly bioavailable. Silica has been associated with enhancing the skin’s elasticity, helping reduce aging signs and supporting joints and bones.

Alta Health’s Magnesium Chloride offers a well-balanced supplemental source of magnesium that can be taken with meals. The subject of much scientific research, magnesium chloride has been connected with nervous, digestive and circulatory support.

Potassium Chloride from Alta Health provides a source of potassium that is readily absorbable. Potassium is a vital mineral for normal cell functioning, and supports the heart, arteries, muscles and kidneys along with the nervous system.

Alta Health has multiple options available for those looking to incorporate the Pau D’Arco herb into their lifestyle with Pau D’Arco Capsules, Pau D’Arco Tea Bags, and Pau D’Arco Skin Salve. Used traditionally in South America, modern research says that this herb has powerful antioxidant and anti-fungal properties, and can also serve as a natural analgesic. Alta Health says that as a skin salve, it can also improve the appearance of minor skin irritations.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2014