Kerala, India—Results from a new human study support use of Arjuna Natural’s branded ashwagandha ingredient Shoden for use in immune support, according to a press release.

The randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.It was performed on 24 healthy adults, who were given either 60mg of the ashwagandha extract or a placebo for 30 days before the crossover to only Shoden for 30 more days.

Following the 30-day blinded study period, the ashwagandha group demonstrated a significant increase in immunoglobulin, cytokines, T-cells, B-cells, and Natural Killer cells. In the same period, the placebo group actually exhibited a significant decrease in T- and B-cells and Natural Killer cells, with immunoglobulin cells and cytokines showing no change. Subjects who continued taking the ashwagandha extract showed further significant improvement.

No adverse events were reported.

The researchers concluded: “This pilot, randomized, and controlled clinical study demonstrates for the first time that the leaf and root extract of [Withania somnifera] standardized with withanolide glycosides possesses potent immune-stimulatory properties… The results of this study demonstrate that [ashwagandha] of defined chemical signature with its immune-stimulatory activities is a valuable addition in the immunity-boosting herbal supplements. These effects span both innate and adaptive immunity, which may partially explain its traditional use as a Rasayana or rejuvenating herb with anti-stress properties.”

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Commenting in the press release, Arjuna’s Joint Managing Director Benny Antony, Ph.D., explained: “Arjuna developed a proprietary, modern, clean production methods based on ancient Indian processes that standardize the most bioactive components of ashwagandha—withanolide glycosides—to at least 35% concentration, creating a uniquely potent extract. Shoden is offered at a very low recommended dose. This opens immense opportunities for formulators who can utilize this potency in their formulations and product variants for better customer relief.”