Morristown, NJ, and Mumbai, India—OmniActive Health Technologies has presented multiple studies at the American Society of Nutrition conference, according to a press release from the company. The studies the company presented have all been published inCurrent Developments in Nutrition. Summaries of these studies below:
  • OmniActive conducted a pharmacokinetic study on Xtenergy, and found that the ingredient’s sustained release caffeine formula was associated with feelings of being more alert and awake, in a better mood, less jittery, and less tense, all for a longer time period.
  • A study on Capsimax’s effects on Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) noted that Capsimax increased REE, offering a potentially useful nutritional strategy to support weight management efforts.
  • The company began a clinical program on a new integrated actives blend that addresses dry eye discomfort, and found that the nutritional combination performed significantly better than placebo in improving eye hydration and moisture, tear stability and quality, and overall eye comfort. The product in question will have an official commercial launch later in the year.
  • Also in the eye health category, OmniActive conducted a bioavailability study on a custom lutein and zeaxanthin ingredient, which showed enhanced bioavailability useful for consumers trying to quickly improve their lutein and zeaxanthin status.

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"We are dedicated to propelling our industry with strong research to further solidify the efficacy and safety of our offerings. We are pleased at how well each of these clinicals was received by the scientific community, as well as the attention from the industry we are gaining because of them," said Deshanie Rai, PhD, VP, Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for OmniActive. "These four posters represent our continued efforts to build a robust breadth of science to substantiate our position within the categories we specialize in."

"OmniActive prides itself on being a partner of choice for customers seeking to differentiate with innovative and clinically validated ingredients," said Kimberly Smith, CMO at OmniActive. "It's not just about providing a premium ingredient-it's about listening to the needs of our customers and working closely together with them to deliver a solution that helps them grow their business."