A study published inThe Journal of Nutritionhas found that TurmiPure Gold, a branded curcumin extract from Naturex, is bioavailable at a low dose.

The randomized, cross-over pharmacokinetic study was performed on 30 healthy adults, and included what the press release calls “the most exhaustive quantification of curcuminoids metabolites carried out to-date.”

Five products were compared. For each individual curcumin preparation, participants were provided turmeric-free meals and snacks beginning the night before and during each 24-hour experimental session. After a 12-hour overnight fast, vital signs were measured and blood samples were taken. Participants were asked to remain at the study site during the day, and were given a turmeric-free lunch and snack before being allowed to leave. The participants were provided with another turmeric-free dinner before a second 12-hour overnight fast, following which they returned for a final blood draw.

The products included: standard turmeric extract (1,500mg), piperine-curcuminoid combination (1,515mg), phytosome formulation (1,000mg), liquid micellar preparation (1,000mg) and natural patented dried colloidal suspension turmeric formulation—TurmiPure Gold (300mg).

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The findings: 300mg of TurmiPure Gold delivered as many curcuminoids to the blood as 1,920mg of standard turmeric extract or 2,260mg of a piperine-curcuminoid blend. The researchers concluded that “the new colloidal suspension TPG was revealed to be particularly promising in that 300 mg was sufficient to demonstrate bioequivalence to >1500 mg of the standard turmeric extract.”

Pascale Fança-Berthon, Category Technical Leader, Health, at Givaudan, owners of Naturex, said: “Publication of this paper in such a reputable journal underlines the quality of the science involved in this study. The results indicate that TurmiPure Gold is the most bioavailable low-dose turmeric extract available on the market. TurmiPure Gold delivers the natural wellbeing benefits that consumers want at a low and cost-effective dose. Instantly water-dispersible, it is 100% natural and safe. This innovation broadens the potential for application development and is perfectly aligned with Givaudan’s commitment to support healthy living through its ‘Does Good’ Food Experience space.”

There were a few limitations to the study, including the fact that the study was funded by Naturex and several of the authors are employees of Naturex. Other limitations included statistical difficulties, which are listed in the study.