Purchase, NY—Maypro Industries’ Proprietary Branded Ingredients (PBI) division has announced the publication of new research by Tokiwa Phytochemical and the University of Tokyo on a proprietary extract ofKaempferia parviflora,branded Sirtmax, commonly known as black ginger.

The paper was published inCommunications Biology,and led by Tokiwa and the University of Tokyo’s Professor Koji Nagata. The research found that quercetin KPMF-8—an active compound of Sirtmax—directly interacts with the SIRT1 protein, enhancing the binding affinity of SIRT1 with Ac-p53 peptide.

The SIRT1 protein drives cellular activities including energy metabolism, cell survival, DNA stability, inflammation, and circadian rhythms. The SIRT1 gene recharges mitochondria, which tend to slow down with age, thus contributing to human longevity. Cell and experimental studies have found that SIRT1 activation is associated with increased insulin sensitivity.

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The current study found that KPMF-8 activates SIRT1 better than resveratrol—KPMF-8 The binding affinity between SIRT1 and Ac-p53 was enhanced 1.4-fold by resveratrol, and 8.2-fold by KPMF-8. Intracellular SIRT1 activity was promoted 1.2-fold by resveratrol, but 1.7-fold by KPMF-8.

The researchers concluded in the study: "In summary, the findings presented in our study provide unambiguous proof of a direct interaction between KPMF-8 and SIRT1." Next steps, they stated, include trials performed in human beings to confirm KMPF-8 activity.

“This new study is very exciting, and so it’s really an honor for us that we’re partnering with Tokiwa Phytyochemical to offer this research-validated and cutting-edge anti-aging proprietary ingredient to the U.S. marketplace,” said Dan Lifton, President of the PBI division, in the press release. “With consumers increasingly concerned about aging and the associated chronic issues that can develop, we feel strongly that Sirtmax is poised for immense growth in a whole host of anti-aging applications. And we stand ready to work with customers on unique formulations using this proven proprietary extract.”