A newhuman clinical trialhas found that Bioenergy Life Science’s RiaGev ingredient can increase NAD+ and NADP+ levels in healthy, middle-aged adults, according to a press release.

NAD+ is a molecule containing ribose and nicotinamide, which enables cells and mitochondria to convert food into ATP, the body’s source of energy. RiaGev is a combination of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide. The combo has been shown in previous preclinical data to strengthen the NAD salvage pathway and increase NAD across all tissues, the press release states.

“For NAD, NMN, or NR to be absorbed, they must be broken down into their components, which are nicotinamide and D-ribose,” explains BLS Director of Scientific Affairs Michael Crabtree, ND. “Why not go straight to the source? With RiaGev, the body doesn’t have to go through the process of first breaking it down to make it bioavailable, and risk losing its effectiveness through digestion. Strengthening the salvage pathway gives RiaGev a distinct advantage over other ingredients in this category, as well, because the salvage pathway is where up to 90% of the NAD conversion happens.”

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The randomized, double-blind, cross-over study investigated the safety and efficacy of RiaGev in healthy men and women aged 36 to 65, as that is the time in people’s lives when they generally have a heavy workload, Crabtree notes in the press release: “They are stressed. Their cortisol levels are probably elevated. Meanwhile, the body’s ability to make NAD and glutathione are diminished by aging. Chronically low NAD and glutathione levels may lead to illness. Increasing both is known to have an anti-aging effect. It is critical to get middle aged adults into a healthy, clinically relevant NAD and glutathione state to support both cognition and their overall quality of life.”

Researchers looked at RiaGev’s impact on circulating levels of NAD+ and NADP+, as well as RiaGev’s ability to increase ATP/ADP and glutathione. Following supplementation with either RiaGev or a placebo for seven days, the researchers found that RiaGev significantly increased NAD+ and NADP+ levels in the body; increased glutathione in the blood serum; and reduced levels of cortisol by as much as 10%. Moreover, RiaGev improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, and participants in the RiaGev group reported improved cognitive function.

“We are thrilled with these findings, which prove RiaGev’s unique formulation is more effective than competing products,” concluded Crabtree. “With RiaGev, we’re not just seeing a NAD increase. We’re seeing simultaneous increases in three specific biochemical markers: NAD+, glutathione, and cortisol. Other ingredients in this category cannot do this. And even though the total mass is higher because there are two ingredients, the price per dose is very cost effective. This makes RiaGev a logical choice in the healthy aging category.”