Kearny, NJ—Pharmachem Laboratories, based here, sponsored a national consumer survey about why consumers have not been more successful in their weight control efforts.

The study, conducted by Customer Experience Partners, surveyed 1,200 people in early 2016, and found that Americans are not aware of the link between excessive carb consumption and weight gain. Rather, they felt that sugars and fats were the biggest contributors to weight gain. Respondents believed that their diet was only about 23% carbs, though 83% ate bread, 60% ate potatoes, and 65% ate crackers, chips or pretzels within 48 hours of taking the survey.

Some 40% of the respondents felt they were “somewhat” or “substantially” overweight, and 56% have tried to lose weight. In all, 89% regularly take a weight loss aid.

“We’ve learned from this survey that many consumers are not aware that it’s the carbs that are making them overweight,” says Mitch Skop, senior director of new product development for Pharmachem Laboratories.  “Our challenge is to educate consumers about the problem of excessive carb consumption and that there is a proven ingredient, like Phase 2 Carb Controller® to address it. Since nearly 90% of consumers in the survey take a weight loss aid, they will be highly inclined to purchase such a safe and effective supplement.”

Published on WholeFoods Magazine June 2016 (Online 4/29/2016)