Texas A&M University researchers have published new research in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggesting that Montmorency tart cherry supplementation may alleviate soreness after exercise.
Twenty-three young men (ages 18–23) were assigned to take either encapsulated powdered tart cherry extract (480 mg/d, as CherryPURE from Anderson Global Group of Irvine, CA) or a placebo for 10 days. All participated in the same one-day exercise routine, had blood samples taken and reported their level of muscle soreness before lifting and 60 minutes, 24 hours,and 48 hours after.
Those taking tart cherry had less soreness overall, reporting soreness levels significantly lower at the 24-hour post-lift mark compared to the placebo group. Researchers also found that the tart cherry group had lower creatinine and protein levels. They concluded, “Short-term supplementation of Montmorency powdered tart cherries surrounding a single bout of resistance exercise, appears to be an effective dietary supplement to attenuate muscle soreness, strength decrement during recovery, and markers of muscle catabolism in resistance trained individuals.”
Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 12/9/2015