Rapid City, SD—A new study indicates that water that has been altered with the addition of a patented micelle catalyst (Willard Water, manufactured by CAW Industries) may enhance nutrient assimilation.

The three-month study aimed to measure the impact of two branded water drop-ins (Willard Water Dark XXX and Willard Water CLEAR) on the absorption rates of various vitamins in human subjects. It also aimed to determine if a measurable difference between the products’ effects on fat-soluble versus water-soluble vitamins could be observed.

Subjects were instructed to drink the altered water for 30 days and were tested for the absorption rates of vitamins in their bodies before and after the one month period. According to the study’s author, Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., the subjects demonstrated significant improvement in the efficacy of multiple vitamin absorption rates. While the altered water was highly effective in increasing absorption rates of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins E and K, it was far more effective on water-soluble vitamins such as those from the B-complex group. Staninger stated that the participants showed significant improvement due to the product’s micelle reactive property, which allows molecules to become smaller and more effective in reactions with other molecules opposing charges. She also observed that hydrogen-reactive vitamins reacted significantly better with the water.

CAW President John Willard, III, explains that while nutrients and vitamins are usually ingested, they are either not fully absorbed or do not contain any nutritional value. He asserts that the study shows that the patented altered water can play a great role in expanding nutrient bioavailability from food and supplements.

Published in WholeFood Magazine, January 2012 (online 11/22/11)