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Healthy skin, hair and nails starts at the cellular level.

In this interview Carrie Pattison will discuss the foundations of beauty. Beauty is often considered beautiful hair, skin and nails. We know beauty doesn’t come about by accident. We all have many routines and products that help keep our skin, hair and nails beautiful and in good condition. Carrie takes us on a journey of the cells, tissues and organs that are the foundations of health.

It is fair and reasonable to consider that the health of our hair, skin and nails can tell us a lot about the health status of our insides. When you improve the nutritional status of your skin, hair and nails, you are also improving the status of health within the body. In this interview we are going to discuss the layers from the inside to the outside. This includes cells, organs and glands as well as bones, muscles, tendons, collagen and skin.

Cells –It all starts with our cells. Cellular health is critical for all key functions in our body. We are comprised of trillions of cells and if the cell membrane isn’t healthy then we can’t be health.

Bones, muscles and tendons –These form the structure and movement of the body. Nutrients considered are vitamin D and Theracurmin®. Theracurmin® has been show to increase skin moisture by 15% in four weeks*.

Organs and glands –Carrie discusses the role of the liver, digestive system and hormonal endocrine system. If these are poorly functioning, then your skin etc. will also suffer.

Skin, hair, nails and bones –Lastly Carrie discusses the role of collagen, elastin and keratin for the health of skin, hair nails and bones. These are the three support proteins that support the cells in the body. The goal should be to stimulate our natural collagen production.