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The story of coconut oil over the past 40 years is an excellent example of what has been so wrong about our approach to food and health. When I began my journey into nutrition and good health over 40 years ago, coconut oil was a wonderful food. By the mid 70s the medical mantra was that saturated fat is the major cause of heart disease and all saturated fats seemingly suddenly became “BAD” foods. Coconut oil disappeared from health food store shelves. At that time coconut oil became known as one of the worst foods a person could eat. Now coconut oil is a highly desired food and cosmetic product.

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What intrigues me about the history of coconut oil is how we were all misled about the dangers of coconut oil and we were denied truth about the benefits. We were told in no uncertain terms that saturated fat causes heart disease and coconut oil is possible the worst saturated fat of all. Do youImmune Support, Coconut Oilremember when that is what we were all told by doctors, scientists and media? This message was not lost on any of us from that generation. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the cholesterol and saturated fat theory of heart disease. As a result we quit eating the good fats and began eating huge amount of unsaturated oils, high in omega 6.

What bothers me about this is the certainty of which we were led down this path. As if this were settled science. Now we come to find out that the opposite of what we have been told is actually what is best for us. Eggs were bad, now eggs are Nature's Way, Coconut Oilgood. Shortening was good now shortening is bad. It is no wonder people are confused about fats and oils. This interview will help you understand more about the benefits of coconut and its oil.



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Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 3/30/2016