BAC-Up Alcohol Detox Enzyme Booster

For A better Tomorrow, BAC-Up Now. BAC-Up is the World’s FIRST Patented Alcohol Detox Enzyme Booster (Patent No.11,376,271). Let BAC-Up work while you’re having fun and while you’re restfully sleeping after the party. BAC-Up aids in the natural processes of your body by assisting in the break-down of alcohol, reducing 90% of the toxic ACETALDEHYDE in just 4 hours and 100% after 6 hours. All you need to do is take one Bac-Up before alcohol consumption and rest assured Bac-up does the rest. **

The Bac-Up difference
  • Clinically proven at UCLA by a group of doctors and published in the Journal of Functional Foods
  • Caffeine-Free, Simple & Effective
  • 3rd party tested and verified
  • 100% money back guarantee
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