Aker BioMarine Antarctic US

Prominent healthcare professionals believe brain and heart disorders resulting from marine omega-3 deficiency are the biggest health challenges we face. Superba Krill, a naturally clean source of marine omega-3 EPA and DHA, is a solution for the 40% of consumers looking for new offerings beyond current traditional products. In addition to its many health-promoting attributes, Superba Krill is environmentally clean in its original form, sustainable and 100% traceable and contains astaxanthin naturally.
410 Newport Way NW, Ste. D, Issaquah, WA 98027, www.superbakrill.com


America’s Finest, Inc.

Super Curcumin C3 Complex is a highly standardized curcumin extract combined with piperine to make the curcumin more available in the human body. A study using healthy volunteers showed that the BioPerine brand of piperine contained in AFI’s C3 Curcumin makes the curcumin up to 2,000 times more available than ordinary curcumin in tests of subjects’ blood serum. Curcumin and piperine in Super Curcumin C3 Complex act synergistically to produce many other potential health benefits.
20 Lake Dr., East Windsor, NJ 08520, www.afisupplements.com


Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp.

Bluebonnet Nutrition introduces Super Earth AntiOxidant Formula Caplets. This comprehensive formula is a unique, vegan, kosher-certified, gluten-free and whole food-based antioxidant formula with scientifically substantiated potencies of the most powerful exogenous antioxidant vitamins and minerals that are typically lacking in today’s diet. It also includes specialty antioxidants, like alpha lipoic acid, trans-resveratrol, NAC and Kaneka CoQ10, plus popular antioxidant superfruits, such as acai, acerola, goji, mangosteen and pomegranate.
12915 Dairy Ashford, Sugar Land, TX 77478, www.bluebonnetnutrition.com


derma e

Shield skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, oxidative damage and the premature signs of aging with derma e Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion. With nanoparticle-free mineral Zinc Oxide plus powerful antioxidants, this formula offers multiple layers of solar and environmental protection. Ideal for daily use alone or under makeup, this advanced sunscreen glides on evenly, absorbs quickly and leaves a sheer, light-weight, non-greasy finish. Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and sensitivity tested.
4485 Runway St., Simi Valley, CA 93063, www.dermae.com


Domino Foods, Inc.

Domino Light and C&H Light—a perfect sweet taste with half the calories and carbs of sugar. The tropical stevia plant has been used for centuries as a sweetener, and now by blending stevia with pure cane sugar, the company has created the ideal sweeteners.
• Proprietary blend for better taste
• 2-lb. poly bag and 40-count packets box
• A national strategic partner of the American Diabetes Association
99 Wood Ave. S #901, Iselin, NJ, 08830, hcp.dominosugar.com


Domino Specialty Ingredients

Offering the highest quality food to your customers starts with the best quality ingredients.  Domino Specialty Ingredients provides you with a comprehensive line of technologically perfected sweetener solutions, premium rice products and pharmaceutical excipients and national formulary sugars. Our customized sweeteners include: tapioca syrup, organic and natural molasses, malt, rice syrup – and the list goes on. Please contact one of our skilled specialists. Get the technical support and product development you need to bring proven results to your own innovative recipes.

One N. Clematis St., Ste. 200, W. Palm Beach, FL 33401, www.dominospecialtyingredients.com


EDEN Foods

Organic EDEN Müesli. Cold or hot cereal—morning, noon or night, as a meal or a snack, excellent in baked goods, too. The muesli combines three whole grains, three antioxidant-rich dried fruits and two delightfully crunchy seeds. The cereal has no refined sugars or chemical additives, and is low sodium. EDEN Müesli is excellent food that provides lasting energy and sets a positive tone for the day.
701 Tecumseh Rd., Clinton, MI 49236, www.edenfoods.com


Garden of Life

Finally, a multivitamin that is USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified and from real, honest, nutritious foods!  Introducing Kind Organics from Garden of Life. Created with you in mind offering gender- and age-specific formulas, as well as targeted nutrients to meet your needs!  5500 Village Blvd., Ste. 202, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, www.organicmulti.com


Gluten-Free Certification Organization

GFCO is the first program established to provide customers and manufacturers confidence in knowing that products labeled with the GFCO certification mark meet strict standards for gluten-free foods. Its certification logo helps validate a company’s products and eases customers’ minds from constant checking of food labels. Primary GFCO responsibilities include monitoring food companies’ gluten-free products to ensure safety for gluten intolerant consumers, recognizing and supporting food manufacturers that provide safe, gluten-free products and educating/training the food industry on gluten-free issues.
31214 124th Ave. SE,. Auburn, WA 98092, www.gfco.org


Horphag Research USA, Inc.

Pycnogenol (pic-noj-en-all) is a natural plant extract originating from bark of the French maritime pine tree, which is exclusively grown along the coast of Southwest France. This natural, super antioxidant has an extensive research portfolio that includes more than 340 scientific studies published over the last 40 years with health benefits for heart, skin, eyes, sports nutrition and more.
5 Marine View Plaza, Ste. 403, Hoboken, NJ 07030, www.pycnogenol.com


InterHealth Nutraceuticals

UC-II supplies a patented form of undenatured type II collagen for joint health support. Just one small 40-mg dosage of UC-II a day is needed. UC-II has undergone rigorous third-party research and testing for efficacy, safety and quality. Research shows that UC-II supports knee function and comfort, including research in healthy, active adults. Add UC-II products to your store today.
5451 Industrial Way, Benicia, CA 94510, www.interhealthusa.com


Lily of the Desert

With Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Mix n’ Go, shoppers can enjoy aloe’s health benefits wherever there’s water. Aloe Mix n’ Go packets contain over 200 active nutrients to help keep you healthy. Each carton features 16 packets. Each packet is equivalent to 4 oz. of the company’s aloe. Simply add one packet to water, mix n’ go! Choose from four delicious flavors: Original, Lemonade, Pomegranate and Strawberry-Kiwi.
1887 Geesling Rd., Denton, TX 76208, www.lilyofthedesert.com



New! NeoCell Biotin Bursts are packed with 10,000 MCG of Biotin per gourmet chew! These first-to-market delicious high-potency chews also include antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals. Available in Brazilian acai berry flavor, your customers will get a juicy bite of biotin every time! NeoCell’s soft chews are always free of gluten, soy and artificial flavors. Healthy hair, skin and nails have never been this easy, or sweet!
17500 Gillette Ave., Irvine, CA 92614, www.neocell.com


Neptune Technologies & Bioressources

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources is a leader in the innovation and production of science-based Omega-3 phospholipid products. Neptune pioneered the krill oil market with NKO, the Original Krill Oil, clinically proven for heart, joint, cognitive and women’s health. Its products are patent-
protected and Neptune guarantees GMP-certified production with 100% traceability. Neptune is certified by Friend of the Sea for sustainable harvest of krill.
545 Promenade du Centropolis, Ste. 100 , Laval, QC, Canada, H7T 0A3, www.neptunekrilloil.com

North American Herb and Spice

Health practitioners agree a saline-based nasal wash is the best approach for cleaning out the sinuses. SinuOrega combines a unique blend of the powerful essential oils of sage, bay leaf, clove and oregano in a saline base. SinuOrega is the only completely natural nasal spray with the power of Oreganol P73.
P.O. Box 4885, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, www.northamericanherbandspice.com/contact-us/


NOW Foods

NOW RememBRAIN is *specifically formulated to support memory, learning and mental alertness by promoting proper acetylcholine (ACh) production and activity. RememBRAIN combines alpha-GPC to promote ACh production with clinically tested Memorzine, huperzine A to maintain ACh levels in the brain, and phosphatidyl serine to support healthy membranes and efficient nerve cell signaling. Methylcobalamin, the methylated form of B-12, may help to reduce homocysteine levels.
244 Knollwood Dr., Bloomingdale, IL 60108, www.NOWFoods.com
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


NOW Foods

NOW Real Food Sugarless Sugar makes it easy to sweeten foods, recipes and beverages just like sugar, without the calories. As a one-to-one sugar replacement, Sugarless Sugar revolutionizes the way consumers bake. It even browns and bakes like sugar. Made with a blend of BetterStevia zero-calorie natural sweetener, erythritol, inulin, guar gum and rice maltodextrin, non-GMO Sugarless Sugar has one-third the calories of table sugar and a low glycemic impact.
244 Knollwood Dr., Bloomingdale, IL 60108, www.NOWFoods.com


Once Again Nut Butter, Inc.

Once Again Nut Butter is changing the name of its Raw Almond Butter. When it was introduced 12 years ago, “raw” did not have the same meaning it does today. The single ingredient in Lightly Toasted remains only almonds. The firm has not changed the way it is made and it still uses the same processes as many “raw” manufacturers. However, the company feels calling this product “raw” no longer reflects the industry standard of processing below 115 degrees. Once Again Nut Butter’s pride as worker/owners speaks loudly. Available at Natural Foods Retailers.
12 S. State St., P.O .Box 429, Nunda, NY 14517, www.onceagainnutbutter.com


Proprietary Nutritionals Inc.

Celadrin is an all-natural proprietary ingredient designed for joint health, composed of esterified fatty acid carbons and other active synergists. It has a solid portfolio of clinical studies showing its viability in improving mobility and lessening discomfort in people with knee OA and other joints that are impaired through aging. It is a safe alternative to NSAIDs or may also be used in adjunct to NSAIDs.
 265 Harrison Ave., Kearny, NJ 07032, www.pnibrands.com


RidgeCrest Herbals

The adrenal glands play an important role in helping the body cope with daily stress and provide you with the natural energy you need to support your lifestyle. Adrenal Fatigue Fighter is an all-natural herbal and nutritional supplement designed to support adrenal function and natural energy. Ingredients have been shown to:
• Restore and sustain natural energy
• Alleviate fatigue
• Promote mental clarity and concentration
• Decrease cortisol levels by up to 24%
3683 W. 2270 South, Ste. A, Salt Lake City, UT 84120, www.rcherbals.com


RightWay Nutrition

RightWay Nutrition’s Pro Balance 10, 20, 30 is a customizable probiotic formulation. With 10 billion CFUs of active organisms per capsule, it should be taken in various doses to meet individual needs. One capsule is recommended for daily maintenance, offering digestive and immune support. Taking two capsules is a preventative measure, offering additional immune system support. Three capsules provide the body with healthy flora to fight off sickness or existing conditions.
14513 S. Center Point Way, Ste. 100, Bluffdale, UT 84065, www.rightwaynutrition.com


Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Perluxan softgels contain a unique botanical anti-inflammatory agent derived from hops resin extract which is clinically demonstrated to relieve minor joint pain quickly. The formula is standardized to contain high concentrations of alpha acids, which reduce pain-causing compounds in a short time with a low dose. This specialized hops extract provides a safer approach to soothing aches from overexertion of everyday activities and effectively calms the body’s minor pain cascade.
6982 Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040, Los Angeles, CA 90040, www.soft-gel.com


Solgar Vitamin and Herb

There’s a lot to love about U-Cubes Children’s Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Gummies: NON-GMO…TAPIOCA & PECTIN BASED…NO BEEF OR PORK GELATIN…NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS…NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS…NO GLUTEN, WHEAT, OR DAIRY. And, U-Cubes are from Solgar so they benefit from all the science and knowledge behind our name. The result? A great-tasting multivitamin that’s great for your children.
500 Willow Tree Rd., Leonia, NJ 07605, www.solgar.com


Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.

Probiata Digestion Support 15 Billion is a once-per-day formula that contains a live, highly effective, pure strain probiotic. Probiata Digestion Support helps replenish and balance intestinal flora and maintains regularity and a healthy gut environment. Probiata Critical Care 50 Billion is a unique once-per-day formula that contains a live, highly effective, pure strain probiotic. Probiata can fortify the digestive system, ease intestinal discomfort and help reduce gas, diarrhea and bloating.
23501 Madero, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, www.kyolic.com


Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.

WeightOFF includes two breakthrough proprietary complexes that help individuals burn more calories and feel less hungry while helping them burn stored fat. WeightOFF skillfully combines scientifically proven plant and mineral compounds to create a safe, yet incredibly effective, weight loss solution. Using WeightOFF with a balanced diet and exercise plan, individuals can lose an average of 11 pounds in 60 days while burning fat, not muscle.
23501 Madero, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, www.kyolic.com


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2014