Phoenix, AZ — Jaime Boyachek, the new owner of Healthy Habit Health Foods, shares the story of how she and her husband became first-time retailers and how she plans to evolve the business to attract a younger client base. This conversation was held in a hot car on a sunny day because like any good retailer, Jaime knew she would be unable to focus if she saw something happening on the floor. Click the arrow to listen.

A radio show with a nutritionist had been broadcast live for years from Healthy Habit, yet few people seemed to know about it. So first-time retailer Jaime, who is also a nurse, moved it to the front of the store and now it's the first thing a customer sees upon entering.

Healthy Habit Radio Show
A call-in radio show broadcasts live M-F from 9am to 10am in the front of the store.

Jaime Boyachek sees Healthy Habit as a platform for her to reach people with a  message of alternative health based on her education and personal experience.

Healthy Habit Boyarchek Family
The Boyachek family relocated from Michigan after learning while on vacation in Arizona that Healthy Habit Health Foods was for sale. This photo greets visitors to the store.

The center aisles resemble an old hardware store that seems to carry at least one of everything. Jaime has slashed the number of SKUS but still carries around 17,000. Top store seller is raw milk, which is not available anywhere else in the area. Sales of CBD-based products are growing rapidly.

During this visit on a Monday morning in February, the store was jumping. Listen to learn the plan for the future.

Photos by Laurie Petersen