Snow, Christmas lights, and of coursecookies, cakes and eggnog… unless of course you’re avoiding gluten, dairy, and sugar.

I’m usually all about science. After all, this column is called “Science and Solutions." But in this Holiday edition, the solutions aren’t all in science; they’re in mindset, habits and one magic word — which I’ll reveal in a second...(Okay, plus some supplement tricks too).

As far as baking goes, there’s an easy replacement to everything. Don’t worry grandma won’t chase you with her wooden rolling pin because you switched to almond flour with her treasured recipe.She wants you to be healthy and happy.

Easy Replacements (there are dozens of options, but for simplicity’s sake):

1) Dairy Milk:coconut milk, any nut milk.

2) Gluten Flour:chick pea flour for breads/savory, almond or coconut flour for sweets.

3) Sugar:maple syrup or honey. Be careful with so-called natural sweeteners, they’re 90-300 times more concentrated than sugar — and don’t even think about artificial sweeteners! Diabetics:use ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, or vanilla. The rich flavors will be so satisfying.

If you’re buying ready-made, look for the least processed, organic artisan foods. As always, check ingredient labels carefully.

Alright, food switches done.

The #1 Key to Enjoy the Holidays with a Specialty Diet Mindset

In one word: perspective.This has saved me through many special occasions including a wedding where I was the maid of honor and couldn’t eat the wedding cake. Perspective means getting priorities straight and remembering what really matters, which is time with friends and family. Love, laughter and beautiful moments are what all of life is about. I was so happy for my friend, I couldn’t care less about the cake.

When you’re 90 years-old and in a rocking chair, will you remember the party that had you dancing until sunrise or cake?

I won’t deny it can be frustrating. My moment of anguish was at a French castle wine tasting and I couldn’t eat any of the perfect pairings. Dozens of artisan handmade breads and cheeses, and I was the only Celiac in the room. I reminded myself what a privilege it was to be there at all and enjoyed amazing wine with incredible company.

Supplement Help

1) Organic, nutrient dense, full amino acid profile powder for shakes or smoothies. Taken daily your body will be satiated and not as hungry when attending parties. Trick of the trade: buy a beautiful bottle that you won’t feel self-conscious carrying right into a cocktail party(everyone will think it’s just water).

2) Trace Minerals added to your secret drink adds to overall health and nutrient needs, making cravings disappear and temptations powerless.

Easy replacements, simple tricks, priorities straight, you’re all set!

Happy Holidays!

Jaqui KarrJaqui Karr, CGP, CSN, CVD, is a best-selling author, speaker, and corporate consultant who specializes in educating about gluten, celiac disease, specialty diets, and health through nutrition. Her popular “NakedFood” brand has helped thousands include more power raw and healing greens in their diet. Ms. Karr is a certified gluten practitioner, certified sports nutritionist, and certified vegan/vegetarian educator to dietitians.

Note: The statements presented in this column should not be considered medical advice or a way to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Dietary supplements do not treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always feel the advice of a medical professional before altering your daily dietary regimen. The opinions presented here are those of the writer. 

Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online, 12/1/16