Good Life Nutrition Company, Marion, IL (1,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Garden of Life, MyKind Elderberry Syrup; Solaray Leaf Therapeutics, CBD Spray and Capsules; NOW Foods, Vitamin D3 5000 IU

FOOD: Ancient Nutrition, Multi Collagen Protein; Endangered Species Chocolate, Chocolate Bars

HABA: Andalou Naturals, CannaCell Happy Day Cream

BEVERAGES: Reed’s, Zero Sugar Ginger Beer Extra

UP & COMING: Terry Naturally, Red Ginseng Male Sexual Enhancement; The Ultra Human, Amino Code EAA + BCAA


Sonnewald Natural Foods, Spring Grove, PA (10,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Great Lakes, Collagen; Zinc Products, All Brands; Curcumin Products, All Brands

FOOD: Late July Snacks, Chips; Oceans Halo, Full Line; Reed’s, Ginger Chews

HABA: Fuchs, Toothbrush; Nubian Heritage, Bar Soap; Weleda, Body Wash

BEVERAGES: Penta, Water; Live Soda, Rootbeer; Kevita, Ginger Kombucha

UP & COMING: Good Catch Foods, Crab Cakes; Nightingale Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwiches



I AM Wonderful, Douglasville, GA (1,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: I AM Wonderful, 1 oz. Hemp Oil with Turmeric (Private Label); I AM Wonderful, 4 oz. Hemp oil (Private Label); Hemp Bombs, CBD Gummies

FOOD: Pumpkin Seeds, All Brands; Hibiscus Tea, All Brands; Local Honey

HABA: Charlotte’s Web, Hemp Ointment; Nature’s Plus, Natural Beauty Bar; Thayer’s, Witch Hazel

BEVERAGES: Fentimans, Curiosity Cola; Fentimans, Rose Lemonade; Alkaline Water, All Brands

UP & COMING: Terry Naturally, Healthy Feet and Nerves; Terry Naturally, CuraMed; Bluebonnet Nutrition, CholesteRice


Bonanza Health Foods, Billings, MT (1,300 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Jarrow Formulas, Bone-Up; Doctor’s Best, L-Theanine; Natrol, Melatonin 5mg Chewable

FOOD: Lily’s, Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds; Bubbies, Dill Pickles; Rip Van Wafels, Cookies and Cream Stroopwafels

HABA: Hippie Jacks Hemp Co., CBD Extreme Cream; Derma E, Vitamin C Line; Nature’s Rite, Bruise-Strain-Tear Repair

BEVERAGES: George’s, Aloe Vera; Hint, Water (All Flavors); Koe, Kombucha Teas

UP & COMING: Solaray, Sharp-Mind; Terry Naturally, Omega 7; Irwin Naturals, Mushroom-8


Silver City Food Co-op, Silver City, NM (2,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Solaray, Vitamin C 100 mg Timed-Release; Solaray, Magnesium Citrate; Nutrition Now, PB-8 Probiotic Vegetarian

FOOD: Garden of Eatin’, Blue Tortilla Chips; Boulder Canyon, Sea Salt Avocado Kettle Chips; Field Day, Black Beans 15 oz.

HABA: My Skin Feast, Assorted Bar Soaps; Dr. Bronner’s, Lavender Bar Soap; Oramed, Flossing Toothbrush

BEVERAGES: C2O, Coconut Water 17.5 oz.; C2O, Coconut Water Ginger/Lime 17.5 oz.; Icelandic Water, 1.5 Liter

UP & COMING: Trace Minerals, Research Zero-Sugar Orange Power Paks; Epic, Salmon Fillet 0.8 oz.; Hummingbird, Bulk Olive Oil


Star Store, Langley, WA (9,100 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Natural Calm Vitality, Stress Relief & Magnesium; Ultima, Electrolyte Drinks; Natural Factors, Ultimate Probiotic 12/12

FOOD: Bob’s Red Mill, Organic Flours; Pacific Foods, Aseptic Soups + Broths; Foragers, Large Sized Yogurts

HABA: Intelligent Elixirs, Skin Care Line; Bodyceuticals, Calendula Oil; Shepherd Moon, Essential Oils and Salts

BEVERAGES: La Croix, Multipack; GT’s, Kombucha; Mountain Valley, Bottled Water

UP & COMING: Dr. Mercola, H2 Molecules Hydrogen; Briotech, Topical Skin Spray

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