What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

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Healthy Horizons, Hammond, IN (3,500 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Solaray, Mega B-Stress;
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, StressCare;
Nature’s Plus, Source of Life Gold

FOOD: Nutiva, Organic Hempseeds;
Follow Your Heart, Veganaise;
Beanitos, Black Bean Chips

HBC: Simply Birgit, Lotion;
Topical BioMedics, Topricin;
NOW Foods, Coconut Oil

BEVERAGES: Guayaki, Organic Yerba Mate;
Marley Beverage Company, Marley’s Mellow Mood;
Evamore, Water

UP & COMING: Texas Tamale Company, Black Bean Tamales;
Go Max Go Foods, Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups;
Sol Cuisine, Veggie Breakfast Patties


The Way Nature Intended, Mercer, PA (600 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: NOW Foods, Oregano Oil;
Nature’s Way, EfaGold Coconut Oil;
Barlean’s, Oils (All)

FOOD: Hillcrest Apiary, Honey (Local);
Burns Angus Farm, Grass-fed Beef (Local);
Walnut Hill Farm, Free Range Eggs (Local)

HBC: Dr. Bronner’s, Castile Soaps;
Aubrey Organics, Shampoos;
Tom’s of Maine, Toothpaste

BEVERAGES: Milk (Local);
R.W. Knudsen, Just Tart Cherry Juice;
Twinlab Corp., Energy Drinks;

UP & COMING: Ecco Bella, Cosmetics (Full line);
NOW Foods, Arnica Cooling Relief Gel;
Bambooee, Bamboo Towels­­­­


Rebecca’s Natural Foods, Charlottesville, VA (2600 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Boiron USA, Arnica 30C;
Natural Vitality, Natural Calm, Raspberry Lemon;
Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega

FOOD: Inka Crops, Plantain Chips;
Sami’s Bakery, Full line;
Primal Pacs, Paleo Jerky

HBC: JAsÖn Natural Cosmetics, Ester-C Cream;
Aura Cacia, Lavender Essential Oil;
Reviva Labs, Vitamin E Oil Stick

BEVERAGES: Reed’s, Inc., Extra Ginger Brew;
Local Kombucha on Tap;
Taste Nirvana, Coconut Water

UP & COMING: JK Gourmet, Almond Flour Cookie Mix;
Steve’s PaleoGoods, PaleoJerky (Original);
Earrings, Greeting Cards (Local)


Bonanza Health Foods, Billings, MT (2,200 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Liquid Health, Inc., Complete Multiple;
Bioforce USA, Allergy Relief;
NeoCell, Super Collagen;
Irwin Naturals, Full line

FOOD: Dreamfields Foods, Pasta;
Walden Farms, Full line;
Bear Luv-Un Honey, Full line

HBC: Hobe’ Labs, Energizer Treatment Shampoo;
Nature de France, Le Stick Deodorant

BEVERAGES: Crystal Geyser Water Co., Tejava Teas;
Reed’s, Inc., Virgil’s Root Beer;
Zevia, Full line

UP & COMING: Garden of Life, RAW Fit;
Epic, Bison Bar;
White Egret, Pure Magnesium Oil


Wheatsville Food Coop, Austin, TX (8,200 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Garden of Life, RAW Protein line;
HealthForce Nutritionals, Vitamineral Green;
Bloom Herbal Organics, Bloom Allergy Relief
FOOD: Once Again Nut Butter, Almond Butter;
Earth Balance, Vegan White Cheddar Flavor Popcorn;
Stahlbush Island Farms, Frozen Blueberries

HBC: Dr. Bronner’s, Liquid Castile Soaps;
Acure Organics, Facial Care line;
Everyday Minerals, Full line

BEVERAGES: Daily Greens, Raw Cold-Pressed Juice;
Harmless Harvest, Raw & Organic Coconut Water;
Essentia Water, Inc., Water

UP & COMING: Morels the Vegan Butcher, What a Jerky!;
100th Monkey Mushroom Farm, Mushroom Kits;


The Natural Alternative Nutrition Center,
Paso Robles, CA (900 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Natural Factors, PGX Daily Ultra;
Aloe Life Int’l, Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate;
Caleb Treeze Organic Farm, Stops Leg & Foot Cramps

FOOD: Two Moms In The Raw, Blueberry Granola;
Extreme Health USA, Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries;
NuNaturals, inc., Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia

HBC: DeVita Int’l, Solar Protective Moisturizer;
Central Coast Lavender, Lavender Mist;
Original Sprout, Scrumptious Baby Cream

BEVERAGES: Affinity Lifestyles, Real Water;
Millennium Products, Inc., GT’s Kombucha;
Zico, Coconut Water

UP & COMING: SkinFood by Nourish, DreamCream;
SkinFood by Nourish, SweetFeet;
SkinFood by Nourish, BabyBump

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2013