What's Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

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Valley Natural Foods, Burnsville, MN
(10,000 ft2)

Supplements: Enzymedica, Digest Basics;
Peter Gillham’s, Natural Calm

Food: Chobani, Greek Yogurt;
Udi’s, Gluten-Free Bread;
Whole Grain Milling, Chips

HBC: Mineral Fusion, Cosmetics;
MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Skin Care

BEVERAGES:  TrueToniqs, LLC, Brain Toniq;
eVamor, Water;
Harvest Bay, Coconut Water

UP & COMING: Cogent Solutions, Baxyl;
Chia Seeds (All Brands);
J.R. Watkins (All)


The Open Cupboard, Seaford, DE

Supplements: Yerba Prima, Psyllium;
Nutritional Scientific Corp.,
Immunition NSC-Pro Pro-Biotic;
Nutritional Scientific Corp., NSC-24 Beta Glucan

Food: Peaceworks, Kind Plus Bar
Ener-G Foods, Gluten-Free Breads (All);
Jennie’s, Coconut Macaroons

HBC: Alvera, Aloe and Almond Roll-On Deodorant;
Bee & Flower, Ginseng Soap;
NOW Foods, XyliWhite Mouthwash

BEVERAGES: Ginseng UP Corp. (All);
eVamor, Water;
Penta, Water

UP & COMING: Garden of Life, Vitamin Code;
Blue Diamond, Nut Thin Crackers;
Lundberg Family Farms, Rice Chips


Farmers Natural Foods, Hinesville, GA (5,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil (Farmer’s Store Brand);
American Biotech Labs, SilverBiotics;
Health Plus, Super Colon Cleanse

FOOD: Food for Life, All Breads;
Thai Kitchen, All Soups;
Liberté, Plum & Walnut yogurt

HBC: Dr. Woods, Black Soap with Shea Butter;
Kiss My Face, Whitening Toothpaste

BEVERAGES: Crystal Geyser, Water;
Millennium Products, GT’s Kombucha (Multi-Green);
Reed's Inc., virgil’s Cream Soda

UP & COMING: Wheat- and Gluten-Free Products (All Brands);
Natural Health Int'l, Himalayan Crystal Salts



Harvest Health Shoppe, Columbia Falls, MT

SUPPLEMENTS: Garden of Life, Grow Bone;
American Health, Ester-C;
NOW Foods, Special One

FOOD: Spectrum Organics, Safflower Oil;
Taste Adventure, Black Bean Soup;
Lundberg Family Farms, Brown Rice

HBC: Boericke & Tafel, Arniflora;
NOW Foods, Tea Tree Oil;
Emerita, Progesterone Cream

Beverages: Santa Cruz Organic, Apple Juice;
R.W. Knudsen, Spritzers;
R.W. Knudsen, Just Cranberry Juice

UP & COMING: Nature's Secret, Ultimate Cleanse Kit;
Irish Eyes, Organic Heirloom Garden Seeds;
Alacer, Emergen-C


Sterling Health Foods, Sterling, CO

Supplements: Pure Essence Labs, One ‘N Only;
Irwin Naturals, Living Green/Liquid-Gel Multi;
Mega Foods, Women Daily Vitamins

Food: NOW Foods, Golden Flax Seed;
MaraNatha, Raw Almond Butter;
Pamela’s Products, Baking & Pancake Mix

HBC: Avalon Organics, Lotion;
Avalon Organics, Shampoo;
Jason Natural, Sea Kelp Shampoo

BEVERAGES: Izze, Sparkling Blackberry;
Reed’s, Inc., Extra Ginger Brew;
Millennium Products, Synergy Kombucha (Grape)

UP & COMING: Weleda, Skin Food;
Garden of Life, Ocean’s 3 Healthy Hormones;
Pure Essence, Ionic-Fizz


Down to Earth, San Jose, CA

Supplements: Jarrow Formulas, Bone-Up;
Natural-Immunogenics, Sovereign Silver;
Lumina Health Products, Cellfood

Food:  Lundberg Family Farms, Rice Chips (Honey Dijon);
Mrs. May’s Naturals, Almond Crunch;
Wai Lana, Yogi Chips (Sweet & Sour)

HBC: Jason Natural Products, Aloe Vera Moisture Cream (84%);
Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay;
Margarite Cosmetics, Zinc Cream

BEVERAGES: Steaz, Raspberry Green Tea;
Inko’s, White Tea (Blueberry);
Essentia, Water

UP & COMING: Pure Solutions, Pure IGF-Ultimate;
EuroPharma, CuraMed;
Lidtke, GlycoTrol


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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2010