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Kyolic Curcumin Healthy Inflammation Response
combines odorless Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract from organically grown raw garlic and the proprietary Meriva Turmeric Complex made from phosphatidylcholine and curcumin. Says the company, “This unique combination specifically targets the inflammatory response to safely and effectively support healthy tissues and organs throughout the body.”

Kyolic Blood Pressure Health Formula 109
promotes relaxation and reduces stress. The formula, according to the company, offers nutritional support for healthy cardiovascular function, circulation and blood pressure. This supplement contains Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract with Nattokinase (NSK-SD) and L-Theanine (Suntheanine).

Kyolic-Dophilus Probiotics Plus Cranberry Extract
is a dietary supplement intended to benefit both the urinary tract and intestinal health. Combining a proprietary probiotics blend plus a cranberry extract (CranMax), Kyolic-Dophilus Probiotics Plus Cranberry Extract is bioactive and shelf stable. The firm says that when taken regularly, the product may reduce one’s risk for yeast and bladder problems.

Kyo-Red Antioxidant Superfruit Blend ORAC 5000 with Fiber
features an antioxidant blend of 21 superfruits, vegetables and Psyllium husk powder. Delivering two servings of vegetables and fruits, one can drink it every day to increase energy, boost the body’s immune system, maintain regularity and colon health and support cardiovascular function, just to name a few. The product is rich in vitamin C and has an ORAC value of 5,000.

Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance
is a unique combination of odorless Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract from organic garlic, Bitter Melon, Salacia, Niacin and Chromium Picolinate. The blend of nutrients and herbs aids in balancing blood sugar levels and supports healthy weight management, too.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2011