Company DescriptionAlgalife Icelandic Astaxanthin is a daily use anti-aging powerhouse packed with more antioxidants than any other plant, fruit or natural vitamin. Cultivated with pure glacial water, 100% renewable energy and without exposure to pollution and contaminants, Algalife Icelandic Astaxanthin is made in the most pristine environment on the planet.

Each gelcap is individually blister packed to ensure purity at its best. All products are gluten free, soy free, bovine–porcine free, pesticide free, herbicide free and non-GMO.

Key Market AreasAlgalife• Joint Health • Brain Health • Heart Health • Eye Health • Antioxidant

Major Products• Icelandic Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 45 caps • Icelandic Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 90 caps • Icelandic Astaxanthin, 12 mg, 30 caps • Icelandic Astaxanthin, 12 mg, 60 caps

What’s New?ArcticFarma introduces Algalife, the only Icelandic Astaxanthin made with 100% renewable energy, pure glacial water and in the most pristine, clean environment on the planet.

ArcticFarmaAlgalife110 S.E. 6th St., Ste. 1700 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Tel: (844) 382-5423 Fax: (844) 362-5423 Twitter: @algalifeusa Year Founded: 2015

Key PersonnelAndrew Jacobson, CEO Jeri Trachtman, Vice President Sales, Specialty and Natural