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New portable packaging for Xlear Spry Mints is available in the form of 45-count tubes. Sweetened with 100% xylitol, the mint’s flavors include Power Peppermint , LemonBurst and BerryBlast. Xylitol presents numerous oral health benefits and may reduce the risk of tooth decay. The mints are non-GMO, gluten free and are recommended by dentists and hygienists around the world. The mints are a member of Xlear’s Spry Dental Defense System, a fami ly of oral heal th produc t s swe e t ened with xylitol, which is found in fruits, vegetables and other natural sources. Unlike other sugars and sugar alcohols, xylitol cannot be digested by the bacteria (Strep. Mutans) in the mouth, which may account for its oral health benefits.

Strawberry–banana-flavored kid’s Spry Tooth Gel from Xlear is now available. This tooth gel was developed for children ages three months and up and can be applied to their teeth and gums to help promote good oral care at an early age. Xlear also has partnered with Live- Right, the maker of the Baby Banana Brush, to offer a combo kit that includes the Baby Banana Brush and strawberry– banana-flavored Spry Tooth Gel.

“We introduced our original Spry Tooth Gel in 2004, and it has quickly become one of our most popular items; particularly among parents and dental professionals,” said Blaine Yates, president of Xlear, Inc. “The new strawberry–banana-flavored gel combined with the Baby Banana Brush provides a safe and effective solution for children to learn good brushing habits and benefit from xylitol’s positive health attributes.” Spry Tooth Gel is sugar-free, fluoride- free and safe to swallow, unlike most children’s toothpastes. Clinical studies have demonstrated that consistent use of products sweetened with 100% xylitol can help promote good oral care and may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010