The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) will host a virtual toxicology workshop for CRN members on Litigation, AI, Safety and Beyond: A Toxicologist's Focus on Supplements. The event will look to showcase the different responsibilities of a toxicologist, which include labeling, assessing safety of new technologies, and monitoring the appropriate use of AI. Toxicologist also play a role in the globalization of products as well as issue management like litigation and PR issues. 

“Like most professions, toxicology has evolved over the years and this workshop is intended to highlight the multi-faceted nature of the job and its overall importance in any scientific organization,” said Andrea Wong, Ph.D., CRN Senior Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs.

The agenda will also cover:

  • The Role of Consumer Safety Risk Assessment in Product Labelling—Victor Oreffo and Fungai Mushakwe, Unilever Health & Wellbeing;
  • Safety Considerations for Global Expansion of Dietary Supplements—Manolina Kontaxaki and Keval Bhoola, RNI Consulting;
  • How Toxicologists Can Use Artificial Intelligence for Safety and Risk Assessments—Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins University;
  • Safety Considerations for Novel Technologies—Asheesh Tiwary and Jay Petrick, ADM; and
  • Issue Management—the Toxicologist’s Role and How to Communicate the Science - Sol Bobst, ToxSci Advisors LLC

The webinar will also help further CRN's continued efforts of educating and connecting its members with industry insiders to shed light on evolving industry matters. 

The four-hour virtual event will be held on Wednesday, April 10, at 12 pm EST at a cost of $249 for CRN members.

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