Roquette has announced the expansion of its NUTRALYS plant protein portfolio with four pea protein ingredients:

  • NUTRALYS Pea F853M (isolate)-  The isolate increased firmness and thickness as a result of its high gel strength. The high moisture extrusion process allows manufacturers to use this protein in meat alternatives and plant-based spreads and desserts. 
  • NUTRALYS H85 (hydrolysate)- The company’s first food-grade hydrolyzed pea protein creates a soft bite when increasing protein content in nutritional bars. It is ideal for beverages, allowing producers to increase protein content while maintaining a low viscosity. 
  • NUTRALYS T Pea 700M (textured)- The textured protein allows makers to explore new formats and plant-based savory applications. It produced a firmer bite and pleasant chewiness. 
  • NUTRALYS T Pea 700FL (textured)- Delivers a fibrous texture and succulent juiciness to chicken and fish alternative. Supplied in small chunks, it is ideal for meal kids and just-add-water applications.