Califia Farms has launched Califia Farms Complete, a plant-based milk made with nine essential nutrients and a special blend of pea, chickpea, and fava bean protein. It provides 8g of protein per serving and all nine essential amino acids. It is available in a 40-ounce bottle and has a SRP of $6.69. In addition to this product the brand is releasing :

  • Matcha Almond Latte, 48 oz., SRP $5.39
  • Organic Oat Barista Blend, 32 oz, SRP $5.39
  • Coconut Barista Blend, 32 oz., SRP $4.99  
  • Chocolate Strawberry Almond Creamer - Limited Edition, 25.4 oz., SRP of $5.29 
  • Pure Back Sweetened Ice Coffee, 48 oz., SRP of $6.19