Tahiti Trader introduces the new Maqui 100, which, according to Tahiti Trader, is the #1 superfruit in the world. It is 100% pure organic maqui, a dietary supplement that promotes beautiful skin and a healthy heart. Maqui 100 also helps boost the immune system and helps regulate cholesterol levels. This product is also USDA-certified organic. Tahiti Trader offers a full line of superfruit juices that includes Noni Juice, Organic Island style 100% Noni Juice, Bio-Noni for Women, Power Noni, Organic Noni MAX, Organic Pomegranate MAX, Mangosteen MAX, Goji MAX, Açai and more.

7111 Arlington Ave., #F, Riverside, CA 92503, www.tahititrader.com

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2010