PROVIDENCE, RI—United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) has announced the launch of UNFI Insights, an exclusive product developed with Crisp. The new technology is designed to provide UNFI suppliers with the most comprehensive and cohesive sales, inventory, and deduction data across both natural and conventional channels. 

UNFI_Insights.jpegCrisp, a data platform for the consumer goods industry, has been partnering with UNFI since 2021. This new launch is expected to be an advancement of the relationship, providing value-added insights through the supplier portal. It is intended to “...strengthen suppliers’ marketing and merchandising efforts, and include store and category recommendations, fill rates, voids, as well as deduction and food waste dashboards.”  

“With hundreds of joint customers, the UNFI and Crisp strategic partnership enables both natural and conventional brands to collaborate more effectively with UNFI and their retail partners,” said Crisp CEO and Founder Are Traasdahl. “By removing data silos, data becomes more actionable, which should lead to brands increasing profitability while reducing food waste. We applaud UNFI’s leadership in facilitating data access and their commitment to supplier success.”

Advanced Technology for More Efficient Stocking

CPG companies will now be able to monitor their brands’ UNFI sales and inventory levels. They will also be able to utilize data within their own business intelligence programs such as Tableau, Excel, and Power Bi. The technology also will bring in insights from cloud-based analytic platforms, like Google. 

“Expanding our relationship with Crisp to deliver to CPGs access to both their natural and conventional sales and inventory data, all housed in one location, provides CPG brands with an unrivaled opportunity to boost their relationships and growth prospects with retailers,” said John Raiche, Executive Vice President of Supplier Services. “Leveraging our scale, focusing on investments in technology, and enhancing connectivity with and market visibility for our suppliers is expected to lead to better overall service levels for our retail customers and differentiate UNFI in a competitive marketplace.”

UNFI Insights will also allow suppliers to better manage their supply chain, by providing on-hand inventory dashboards, the company said. This is intended to avoid out-of-stocks. The technology also features an actionable spoilage dashboard, as both companies are dedicated to reducing food waste. This will allow brands to identify products that are soon to expire. 

CPG brands that are interested in learning more can access a webinar available at:

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