Swanson Health Products Retail, Fargo, ND (4,700 SF)


SUPPLEMENTS: MRM Bone Maximizer 3
 Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Powder
 +PlusCBD Reserve Watermelon Gummies 

 FOOD: Siete Foods Queso Potato Chips
 Living Nutz Celestial Cinna-Pecans
 Perfect Bar Peanut Butter 

 HABA: Shikai Advanced Formula Lotion
 Auromere Herbal Toothpaste
 Chandrika Bar Soap 

 UP & COMING: Cymbiotika Shilajit
 Liposomal Vitamin C (all brands)
 Vital Flora Probiotics



The Whole Earth Center, Princeton, NJ (6,000-8,000 SF)


SUPPLEMENTS: Magnesium Glycinate (all brands)
 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
 Collagen Powder (all brands) 

FOOD: Mountain Valley Sparkling Water
 Bionaturae Tomato Paste
 Vista Hermosa Flour Tortillas 

HABA: EveryOne Lavender + Aloe 3in1 Soap  
 Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Bar Soap  
 Kirk’s Unscented Bar Soap 

 BEVERAGE: Mountain Valley water
 GT’s Kombucha (all varieties)
Farm Juice (local fresh fruit and veggie juices) 

UP & COMING: True Grace Women One Daily Women’s 40+ Multivitamin 
 Thousand Hills Ground Beef (refrigerated)
 Lively Vitamins Magnesium Glycinate



Nature’s Wonders, Harrison, AR

SUPPLEMENTS: Magnesium (all brands)
 Terry Naturally AnxioCalm
 Collagen (all brands)

FOOD: Annie’s Classic Mac and Cheese
 Alter Eco Truffle-Caramel
 Annie’s Shells and Aged Wisconsin Cheese 

HABA: NOW Peppermint Oil
 NOW Eucalyptus Oil
 Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balm 

UP & COMING: Vitamin Code Gummies
 OLIPOP (all varieties)
 Local Greens (all varieties)



Healthy Me Health Foods, South Ogden, UT (1,400 SF)


SUPPLEMENTS: Bluebonnet Chelated Magnesium
 Twinlab Magnesium Caps
 Garden of Life Mood Probiotic 

FOOD: GT’s Kombucha
 Bob’s Red Mill Organic Oats
 CocoRinga Moringa Hot Chocolate

HABA: MyChelle SPF 50 Non-Tinted
 MyChelle SPF 50 Light Tint
 Skin Drink Stem Cell  

UP & COMING: Sünnte Kombucha
 Trace Minerals Power Paks



Vitamins Plus, Lubbock, TX (2,900 SF)


SUPPLEMENTS: Beets (all products)
Mushrooms (all products)
The Cultured Coconut Fermented Organic Coconut Milk Probiotic

FOOD: Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn (full line)
Siete (full line)
Pop Daddy Pretzels (full line)

HABA: Castor Oil (all brands)
Skin Drink (full line)
Burt’s Bees (full line)

UP & COMING: Glaxon (full line)
The Cultured Coconut Organic Coconut Milk Probiotic
KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream


Trending Spotlight: 


Bluebonnet Chelated Magnesium and Twinlab Magnesium Caps are driving sales in the West; in the Southeast, magnesium from all brands is trending. As Bluebonnet shared when it won the 2023 Natural Choice Award in the Sleep/Stress category, “Magnesium is required for cellular metabolism and energy production...it is no wonder this mineral is known as the ‘Spark of Life.’” And Neil Edward Levin, CCN, DANLA, Senior Nutrition Education Manager, NOW, has explained that this trace mineral plays a vital role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body—many of which influence heart health: “The Nurses’ Health Study followed 88,375 women for 26 years, and found the incidence of sudden cardiac death was 77% lower in those with the highest serum magnesium levels.”