The nutri-beauty trend is booming, and the experts at Lycored are offering an update on the latest science and innovations. Dr. Karin Hermoni, Lycored Global Head of Science, will share the new Lycomato clinical study results supporting skin appearance through supplementation in a variety of ages and skin types. Dr. Hermoni will also discuss Lycored’s entire beauty-from-within portfolio of proprietary tomato-based ingredients and vitamins designed to provide wellness from the inside out to radiate your inner glow.

“We’ve long known about the many links between the components of our diet and the health of our skin," says Dr. Hermoni, who notes that research provides exciting new evidence about the benefits of the carotenoids and other phytonutrients in Lycored's tomato-based ingredients.

Don't miss this education opportunity to get updated on all the latest and ask Dr. Hermoni any questions during the live webinar, which is taking place at 2pm ET on March 23. Register here.

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