Research has shown that the microorganisms that comprise the microbiome are responsible not only for gastrointestinal health, but play important roles in immunity, pre- and postnatal development, cardiovascular health, and more—even affecting mood and mental well-being. Other microbiome communities exist on human skin, inside the oral cavity, and elsewhere. Similar to how urbanization is altering Earth’s ecosystems, westernized diets and lifestyle are altering the human microbiome—leading to poor health.

The scientific evidence linking a healthy microbiome to a healthy human being has catalyzed a recent movement to conserve beneficial bacterial species before they disappear. Organizations and initiatives like the Global Microbiome Conservancy and the Microbiota Vault are working to conserve microbiota biodiversity by collecting and preserving microbes before they disappear from human microbiomes entirely. And nearly 20 years ago—before these mainstream movements emerged—A-B Biotics (a Kaneka company) conducted its own search for microbiomes untouched by westernized diets and lifestyle.

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  • Microbiota conservation
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  • A case study on IGI probiotic
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