Fruit d’Or has introduced whole fruit cranberry powder to gummy manufacturers in the dietary supplement industry. According to the company, gummies are the fastest growing delivery system in the dietary supplement industry, and Fruit d’Or is offering its whole fruit cranberry ingredients Cran d’Or and organic Cran Naturelle. Given the FDA’s Qualified Health Claim for UTIs involving whole fruit cranberry powder in dietary supplements, Fruit d’Or says it can help companies generate greater sales with its whole fruit cranberry ingredients involving new delivery systems such as gummies. Fruit d’Or is working with various gummy manufacturers to help them formulate new cranberry products involving women’s health. The company adds that today, based on innovation and research, a cranberry gummy can be produced where the starting whole fruit cranberry powder is standardized for both soluble and insoluble PACs. In addition, each cranberry gummy can now deliver 500 mg of whole fruit cranberry in a daily serving.