Amid the coronavirus pandemic, natural cleaning supplies sales grew 241%, according to a Statista report comparing the United States, UK, and Italian markets. With the 2017 California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act, the need for cleaner and greener cleaners is expected to increase across the country.

Stew Lawrence, CEO of natural cleaner manufacturer CleanWell, is offering retailers tips to not only keep their store safely sanitized, but also, hopefully, to promote natural and green cleaning products. His recommendations:
  1. Don’t forget the basics. The CDC recommends starting every cleaning routine with soap and water. From there, add in a disinfectant. By starting with just plain soap and water, you can reduce the amount of germs and dirt on the surface, and then the disinfectant will kill anything left behind. 
  2. Make a checklist for each area of your store. Research has found that COVID is mostly transmitted through air particles, but it can live on various surfaces for up to 5 days, meaning retailers need to put extra effort into their cleaning protocols—and that responsibility can’t just fall on one person, once a day. This needs to be a whole team effort, so by creating checklists by area, you can split up the responsibilities and still be clear about your expectations. When every team member is involved, retailers are more likely to have a cleaner store. 
  3. Retailers should be using all natural cleaning products, 100% of the time. This may seem obvious, but these retailers need to walk the walk and talk the talk. If you’re selling natural products, but using cleaners that don’t abide by those same standards, that could create mistrust and confusion with consumers. 
CleanWell offers an environmentally friendly line of cleaning products consisting of disinfecting sprays and wipes made with thymol rather than alcohol, bleach, or quaternary ammonium.

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