Naperville, IL—KeHE Distributors has opened a new distribution center located in West Ellettsville, in southern Indiana, according to a press release. The 376,512 square-foot facility will replace the distribution center in Bloomington, IN.

The distribution center uses energy-efficient LED lighting, an Alta cooler and freezer system, and energy monitoring systems. The press release states that the distribution center features 80,195 square-feet of dedicated freezer space and 61,000 square-feet of refrigerated cooler space, including a 32-350 square-foot refrigerated dock. Over 225 employees are employed at the center.

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Ken El-Talabani, Chief Operations Officer atSunrise Health Foodssaid in the press release, “We appreciate the outstanding customer service that each one of the [KeHE] employees provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufactures out of stocks have a massive effect on our stores. The KeHE team was hands-on in our day-to-day operations finding [comparable] products to fill our shelves. Choosing KeHE as our distributor years ago has been a winning experience for our stores and customers.”

“Essential workers—like our retail customers—have worked tirelessly to keep food on the table of their communities this year during the unprecedented times,” added Chris Sieburg, Executive Vice President of Warehouse Operations at KeHE. “We are extremely proud to enhance our operations for natural retailers throughout the Midwest to ensure they have the products and support they need to weather this storm. This new facility will expand our product assortment and inventory, improve delivery times and increase speed-to-shelf of new items, all incredibly important to the success of our customers.”