Phoenix, AZ—The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundationhas donated $1.6 million to nonprofit partners addressing local issues amplified by the pandemic. This year, Sprouts’ Foundation will award 120 grants to nonprofit organizations in the 23 states where the company operates, including 113 Neighborhood Grants and seven high-impact grants designed to help partners strengthen and expand their programs.

“Organizations have taken tremendous steps to adapt their programs amidst COVID-19, redirecting efforts to support the immediate need of the children and communities they serve right now and exploring new and innovative ways to deliver programming virtually," said Lyndsey Waugh, Executive Director of the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in a press release.

“Their efforts are inspiring," Waugh added, "and the effects of their work will be long-lasting, particularly as we all work together to capture the learnings and innovation sparked by COVID-19 and use that knowledge to strengthen local fresh food access for the future."

One organization in Birmingham, AL, has donated 15,000 lbs of free fresh vegetables and seedlings, with support from Sprouts. “When our student-centered teaching farms felt the impact of COVID-19, we knew we had to pivot and we had to do it quickly,” said Amanda Storey, Executive Director of the Jones Valley Teaching Farm.
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The foundation is focusing on innovative organizations who are making the best of the current circumstance through programs like hybrid learning and outdoor education. For a full list of Neighborhood Grant recipients by state, visit For a full list of existing and new High Impact Grant recipients, visit

Since 2015, the foundation has awarded $12M in grants to nonprofits who focus on educating the public on nutritious eating.