Bass Brushes
20822 Dearborn St., Chatsworth, CA 91311,

In the showerbass brushes

Bass Shower Brush #706 is ideal for use in the shower or bath to run shampoo and conditioner through hair. It also works great for running color through your hair. The brush is 100% water friendly with no cushion for mold and mildew to build up on or to come apart. Use to detangle hair wet or dry. Available in assorted colors.
SRP: $7.95 


bass brushes

Environmentally conscious brushing

Bass Green Brush #17, 19 & 20 are eco friendly and vegan approved hairbrushes with 100% bamboo handles and 100% bamboo wood bristles from stripe bamboo only. The anti-static and non-melting bristles are ideal for use with hair dryers.
SRP: $12.95­–16.95 


For menbass brushes

Bass for Men #153 & 153S is 100% pure bristle, containing no nylon or synthetic hair. The brush is a traditional club style and comes in tortoise shell, black, clear solid acrylics as well as dark and stripped 100% bamboo wood, with your choice of soft or firm style bristles. Great for hair and beards.
SRP: $17.95–20.95


Published in WholeFoods Magazine December 2015