On behalf of all five regions of the Natural Product Association, we cordially invite independent health and natural product stores to join their respective regions and take advantage of all five of the regional trade shows.  

Each show offers a wealth of educational information and opportunities for store owners, managers and associates on a variety of topics. We each search for the newest information, the most well-known speakers, as well as those new to our industry to provide the most cutting-edge education programming possible. In most cases, attending a regional trade show is as easy as being a member of your region.  
The Midwest Region produces the MAHO Expo in Columbus, Ohio each July, The East Region partners with Expo East in September in Baltimore, the Northwest Region sponsors the Expo Northwest in Seattle in early October, the Southeast Region has the SOHO Expo in Orlando the first weekend of December each year, while the Southwest Healthfest typically takes place in early April in Irving, Texas.  
Whichever show you choose, you are sure to be educated, enlightened, and have the opportunity to network with industry colleagues, including fellow retailers, suppliers, reps and often the speakers as well.  Most regional shows provide meals to all attendees courtesy of sponsoring exhibiting companies, or your regional Boards of Directors, with many being free to the retail attendees as part of their regional membership dues.  


npa midwest maho

Npa Maho
As the Northwest Region point outs, each region works closely with their state legislatures on projects such at the Right to Know campaigns or the NY AG coalition issues in various states, by sending out packets to members to keep them informed and engaged in activities within their regions. What happens in one region legislatively often spills over into the other regions. So unity between the regions makes it more effective to get the collective message out to members, as well as to the legal and legislative bodies involved. The regions are critical in forming relationships "to help all of us better advocate for the issues that are important to the natural products industry and to our members."  Advocacy is another important reason to attend your regional trade shows.
At Southeast NPA and the SOHO Expo "we believe that the best shoppers are the ones who shop more than one Health and Natural Product Store, which goes without saying that the best Retailer shops more than one trade show a year.  We believe we know how to maximize the Independent Retailer success.  Keep the retailer and staff informed and educated with the newest products, highlight the best deals, remain current on best business practices and follow up with networking with your peers, and all this is accomplished in a relaxed atmosphere!  The equation will undoubtedly foster big growth opportunities for their business and keep the dedicated shopper longer.  With 5 regions each offering the same opportunities, strength is in the numbers!"
The Midwest Region's 2015 "Summer Splash" Convention & MAHO Expo is the next regional trade show on the schedule, taking place at the newly remodeled Hilton Columbus at Easton, Columbus, Ohio, July 24-26, 2015.  For more information or to register for badges, meals and room reservations, contact Marcy or Diane at 1-800-795-6246.

Marcy Kraft is the executive director of the NPA Midwest/MAHO Region.

Posted on on WholeFoods Magazine, June 22, 2015