Company Description

Since 2000, ChildLife Essentials®has been committed to offering the first complete line of premium liquid nutritional supplements made especially for infants, children, and teens to keep them healthy and strong.

Dr. Clarke opened his medical clinic in Santa Monica, California in 1988 with a general practice utilizing acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and homeopathy. One of the challenges Dr. Clarke faced was the lack of high-quality supplements without toxins that were geared towards babies and children. This inspired Dr. Clarke to create his own formulas specifically targeting the unique needs of children, without the high levels of toxins.

ChildLife Essentials®has a 21-year track record of success in providing parents the tools they need to help support their kid’s health needs and requirements.

All ChildLife Essentials®nutritional products are manufactured in FDA registered and cGMP certified facilities. In addition, all lots undergo full testing by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories for identity, purity, and strength. At ChildLife Essentials®, it is our mission to continually exceed our customers’ expectations in regard to guaranteeing product quality, safety, and efficacy, and all systems throughout the manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution steps align with this mission.


Key Market Areas

  • Specialty products
  • Niche products
  • Customer preferences
  • Pediatric wellness
  • Pediatric vitamins/supplements

Major Products/Service Offerings

ChildLife Essentials®offers parents the tools they need to help support their child’s health needs and requirements. With 25 products in our line, our key offerings include:
  • Daily Core Essentials
  • Immune Core Essentials
  • Organic Baby Essentials
  • SoftMelt Gummies
  • Probiotics
  • Minerals

What’s New?

Over the last two years, ChildLife Essentials has launched the following new products:
  • ChildLife Essentials Multi Vitamin SoftMelts
  • ChildLife Essentials Healthy Vision SoftMelts
  • ChildLife Essentials Elderberry Super-Immune SoftMelts
  • ChildLife Essentials Omega-3 DHA + Choline SoftMelts
  • ChildLife Essentials LiveBiotics Immune + Digestive Support
  • ChildLife Essentials Zinc Plus
  • ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron

ChildLife Essentials® 645 S. Allied Way, El Segundo, CA 90245 Telephone: 310.305.4640 E-mail: Year Founded: 2000

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Key Personnel Karyn McCarthy, Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Levy, Director of Sales