For over 30 years Buried Treasure™ has had the leading edge in the liquid dietary supplement industry because we are committed to innovative research.

The Liquid AdvantageWhen we see a need for a dietary supplement, we consider more than just one element and research the many variables behind why you may take that supplement.  For example, we don’t just offer plain Vitamin B because we know that there are co-factors that work with vitamins and minerals. We don’t use just one extracted element because that’s not what happens in nature, where you get the whole package of active constituents in every food and herb you consume.all

That’s why we develop formulas that include many active constituents that are biologically tied together to address the many complex invasions and stressors that our bodies endure every day. We do this because we want you to have a product that actually works and gets the fast results you want. Our Liquid Advantage is what makes Buried Treasure™ products better than the run-of-the-mill vitamins mass produced by companies that don’t take time to put thought into their products.

New Formulas, New DeliveryNow we have a new product, with new formulas for your needs today, and a cutting-edge delivery system in our unique Nutripacs®. Despite the superior absorption of our liquids, capsules, tablet and gel caps have had the advantage of convenience and portability. No longer, because our Nutripac® formulas offer a single dose of our liquids in a portable, convenient packet that requires no measuring, mixing or refrigeration. Simply zip and sip!

More than a repackaging of our liquid supplements, Nutripacs® are a new approach to supplement consumption with brand new formulas targeting important nutritional gaps and an easy-to-use, portable delivery system that enhances compliance for those who are on-the-go, frequently travelling or just want ultra-convenience. This is important as more people want to support their health and reinforce their diets with supplements, but get pill fatigue and find it difficult to stick to a regimen.

Nutripacs® provide an ideal solution by allowing active men and women to slip a packet into one’s pocket or purse and health conscious parents to toss one in with their children’s lunch. Besides having the portability that also makes Nutripacs® ideal for business trips or vacations, they are an overall quick and easy way to take supplements at home on a daily basis. Each individual Nutripac® formula is sold in a box with a 15-30 day supply and have a two year shelf life. Nutripacs® are also BPA-free, recyclable and cut down on waste from plastic bottles. Nutripacs® are manufactured with renewable solar energy.

The Nutripac® Advantage• With the Nutripac®, you can take one at a time, or pack them with you to take as you need them. • Nutripacs® work because they have the bioavailability and advantage of a liquid (85-95% absorption rate) but now in a new easy convenient form that is ultra-conducive to your active lifestyle.blnlogo• Nutripacs® include all things you care about like whole foods, non-GMO ingredients and plant extracted minerals. The active constituents in the Nutripacs® work together to create a combined effect that offers the fast results you want. • Recyclable, BPA-free packaging. • Produced here at our facility with green energy.

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Published in WholeFoods Magazine December 2016