London, UK-- At theNatural & Organic Products Europeconference in London, which took place April 7-8, OmegaQuant Analytics and Wiley's Finest shared a booth that educated attendees on sustainable sourced omega-3 fish oil and Omega-3 Index tests.

OmegaQuant Analytics's Omega-3 Index test measures the amount of EPA and DHA in blood. Having healthy amounts of these nutrients in the blood are considered protective in the context of heart, brain, eye and prenatal health, according a press release from OmegaQuant.

“Studies have shown most individuals believe they are getting enough EPA and DHA from their diet but when we test their Omega-3 Index, around 70 to 80% are not in the desirable range, which then prompts dietary changes,” said Jason Polreis, CEO of OmegaQuant, in the release.

“Knowing your number—your omega-3 blood level—is one of the most important pieces of information you could have about your personal health," said Sam Wiley, CEO of Wiley’s Finest. Along with free Omega-3 Index tests to guests, Wiley's Finest displayed their Omega-3 Oils made from Alaskan Pollock at their booth.