Eagan, MN—A branded natural carbohydrate (Wellmune WGP from Biothera, based here) is the subject of a new published study in Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech that indicates it may help improve psychological well-being while decreasing symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.

Some 150 “highly stressed” individuals were given a placebo or the beta-1,3/1,6 glucan (derived from bakers yeast; 250 or 500 mg) for a month. During this time, the men and women in the treatment group experienced fewer cold symptoms (e.g., runny nose, aches, sore throat and sneezing). The comparison to the placebo group is striking: 28% of the placebo had symptoms after four weeks, whereas only 8% of the treatment group did.

In addition, the supplement group reported improved psychological well-being such as statistically significant reductions in fatigue (38%), confusion (15%) and tension (19%).

The authors were associated with GLH Nutrion of Draper, UT.

 Published in WholeFoods Magazine, April 2010