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Life Extension® Formulates Innovative Supplements Based On Groundbreaking Scientific Research

Life Extension has been at the forefront of medical research for over 35 years. Our premium-quality products are based on clinical research, and the latest scientific studies determine our dosages and raw materials—leading to some of the most unique formulations available on the market today.

Life Extension also publishesLife ExtensionMagazine®, the ultimate source for new health and medical findings from around the world. With an editorial staff that thoroughly understands health and wellness issues,Life ExtensionMagazine helps our wholesalers stay on top of the latest research results, novel therapies and innovative treatment protocols.

To help boost your bottom line, Life Extension offers over 375 innovative and unique formulations. All of our products are made with only the best raw materials, sourced from reputable suppliers around the world. Our quality-control standardsexceedFDA mandates, and our products are all manufactured according to GMP guidelines.

And unlike commercial manufacturers that sometimes use less-than-optimal doses and/or ingredients to reduce prices, we never choose our ingredients based on cost—so your customers get the most nutritional potency for their dollar.

Key Market Areas

Amino Acids Heart Health Mood & Stress Management
Blood Pressure Support Herbs & Botanicals Multivitamins
Blood Testing Hormone Balance Personal Care
Bone Health Immune Support Pet Care
Books & Media Inflammation Management Skin Care
Brain Health Joint Support Sleep
Cholesterol Management Kidney & Bladder Support Sports Performance
Digestion Support Liver Health & Detoxification Vitamins
Energy Management Longevity & Wellness Weight Management
Eye Health Men's Health Women's Health
Food Miscellaneous
Glucose Management Minerals

Major Products/Service Offerings
  •  Website: Life Extension constantly maintains and updates this valuable resource of free health-related information. Access to articles, research, products, and a community forum exist on the multifaceted site.
  •  Life Extension Annual Directory: This quick and easy reference provides a complete listing of the most important supplements that may be used to maintain or regain health along with a clear explanation of their benefits.
  •  Disease Prevention and Treatment reference book: The Disease Prevention and Treatment reference book is available at This 1,666-page health reference book, now in its fifth edition, contains integrative methods that blend the best of conventional medicine with nutritional and natural support for over 130 different medical disorders. Note: the latest health protocols are free online at
  •  Life Extension Magazine®: With a readership of over 350,000, the monthly Life Extension Magazine is the premier anti-aging publication in the world. Every month, this 100-plus page periodical provides up-to-date coverage of the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs from around the globe. Life Extension Magazine is available in select retail outlets.
  •  Health Advisor Service: One of the greatest benefits of partnering with Life Extension® is access to its highly knowledgeable staff of wellness specialists known as Health Advisors. Comprised of medical doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and other healthcare professionals, Life Extension’s health advisors are available 365 days a year to answer health-related questions. Information provided by Life Extension may help you and your doctor make informed choices about treatment options. Health advisors are available at 1-888-633-8397.
  •  Life Extension’s Social Media Channels: Social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, provide interactive and informative content to the public. Visit, and to follow, “like” or subscribe.
What’s New?

Help Your Customers Fight Aging At The Cellular Level

Life Extension has the perfect formula for your customers looking to restore youthful metabolic function…AMPK Activator! Found in every cell,1,2AMPK(adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) is an enzyme that serves as the body’smaster regulating switch. Studies show increased AMPK activity supports reduced fat storage,3encourages new mitochondria production,4helps maintain healthy glucose and lipid levels already within normal range,5and revitalizes aging cells.6

This dual-extract formulation containsGynostemma pentaphyllumextract and rose hip extract, which isstandardized totrans-tiliroside—both of which boost AMPK activity. Plus, researchers have documented a one-inch reduction in abdominal circumference in overweight individuals who took 450 mg daily ofG. pentaphyllumextract for 12 weeks.7

And among other benefits, a low human equivalent dose of 56 mg dailytrans-tiliroside has been shown by researchers in preclinical studies to promote healthy blood glucose levels and body weight already within normal range.8Reverse cellular depletion of AMPK and promote youthful metabolic health with AMPK Activator—just one of the many new formulas for success that are available to you from Life Extension!

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Life Extension 3600 W. Commercial Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Tel.: (888)884-3657 Fax: (866)795-6696 Year Founded: 1980

Key Personnel Paul Gilner, CEO Reynald Searles, VP of Sales and Marketing Ron Antriasian, VP of Business Development Armond Scipione, Regional Sales Manager for Florida Deanna Barchuk, Regional Sales Manager for New Jersey and Manhattan Gloria Burnett, Regional Sales Manager for New England Jeff Thomas, Regional Sales Manager for Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, and Tennessee Jennifer Trask, Regional Sales Manager for Northern California Kelly Mears, Regional Sales Manager for Texas Marguerite Dunne, Regional Sales Manager for New York Megan Roy, Regional Sales Manager for Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Mitchell Levy, Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Nicole LaCoursiere, Regional Sales Manager for Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana Patty Serino, Regional Sales Manager for Southern California and Arizona



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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2015