Company Description

Graminex is the exclusive grower and manufacturer of Non-Solvent Flower Pollen Extract in the world. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the United States. Since Graminex was founded, vertical integration has been a key focus to control the quality and source of our unique raw material. This vertical integration includes all aspects of production from owning our farmland and harvesting equipment, to complete raw material processing lines. This allows Graminex to provide our customers a full range of products including bulk powders, capsules and tablets as well as finished private label packaging.

Key Market Areas

Flower Pollen Extract is clinically supported for applications including prostate, urinary, immune system, liver and menopausal health. Applications include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, skin care, functional foods, beverages and pet/livestock products. Graminex has custom product formulations to meet the needs of any market demand.

Major Products/Service Offerings

Graminex® maintains cGMP certification through NSF with bulk products that are Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified.

Graminex® offers the following powdered raw materials to suit various applications:

  •  G60/G60WS: the water-soluble portion of the pollen grain
  •  GFX/NAX: the lipid-soluble portion of the pollen grain
  •  G63: the combined water- and lipid-soluble portions of the pollen grain

Custom tablet or capsule formulas have been developed for a number of health applications with our in-house formulators. Graminex provides all of our customers with the documentation and support necessary for different registration and application processes required by health authorities around the world.

Custom manufacturing capabilities with Flower Pollen Extracts include: • Bulk Powder Blending • Tableting • Encapsulating • Tablet Coating • Private Label Packaging

What’s New?

Graminex has recently purchased an automated encapsulation line and tablet press line. By incorporating these two lines into our custom production process, Graminex will be able to create custom finished product dosage forms in-house. This will be reflected in shorter lead times for new and current products as well as expanded flexibility in order quantities.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2015


Graminex LLC

2300 County Rd., C
Deshler, OH 43516
Tel.: (419)278-1023
Fax: (419)278-1042
Year Founded: 1997

Key Personnel
Heather May, COO
Justin Ritter, regulatory affairs
Amanda May, international accounts
Colleen May, sales and public relations