Company Description

Sunsweet Growers are a family of roughly 300 Cooperative California Famers that was founded in 1917 on the basic principles of fair, stable and sustainable prices for customers and farmers. Many of Sunsweet’s families have been part of the Co-op for several generations and plan for their children and grandchildren to continue working the same orchards.

Sunsweet has employed many green practices long before the term “green” was coined and they recognize their responsibility to not just preserve their existing green heritage, but to pioneer new sustainable technologies and products that are natural to higher standards. With their D’Noir process, they use flash heat to pack preservative free prunes, juice and fiber products that avoid excess energy use and the devastating effects of heat on the products’ appetite appeal. All of the D’Noir prune fiber used in their SupraFiber product comes from the skin and pulp left over from their prune juice making process. Now as the key ingredient in a breakthrough fiber supplement, they’ve found a way to utilize nearly all parts of their prunes. Even the prune pits are used as nutrient-rich feed for livestock or as a renewable fuel source.

Sunsweet’s long-standing dedication to quality and growing “pure food from the earth” has resulted in its latest labor of love: Sunsweet Naturals. This line of products shows Sunsweet’s clear commitment to serve those who believe in a better way of health and well-being. Their unequivocal pledge is to develop products and processes to the highest standards of “natural” and sustainable. Sunsweet Naturals shares the belief that health and well being best comes from eating highly nutritious whole foods that have minimal processing so the holistic goodness given to them by nature is preserved.

Key Market Areas

• Grocery

• Functional Beverages

• Fiber Supplements 

• Dried Fruit

• Beverages 

• Sports Drinks

Major Products

• SupraFiber 

• Herbal Blends

• Organic D’Noir Prunes

• C2O Pure Coconut Water 

What’s New?

C2O Pure Coconut Water is the latest Sunsweet Naturals product. Not all coconut waters are created equal . C2O has taken extra care to select and pack what they believe to be the best-tasting coconut water in the world. C2O’s coconuts come from an especially fragrant and tasty variety that is unique to the inland soils of Thailand, yielding a more delightful taste than the salty flavor that accompanies more commonly used coastal coconuts. Their coconut water is packed fresh, with each batch flavor-tasted before being packed to ensure every can has their signature flavor and the quality that makes C2O so popular among coconut water lovers. C2O’s great taste is all pure, unlike some others who add extra sweeteners or flavors to mask their saltier taste. C2O Pure Coconut water is fat free, unsweetened, gluten free and preservative free.

Sunsweet Growers, Inc.
901 N. Walton Ave.
Tel.: (888)749-5038
Fax: (775)320-3845
Year Founded: 1917

Key Personnel:
Dane Lance, VP of Global Sales and Marketing
Tony Gerst, Initiative Leader

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2010