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Effervescent technology is an appealing and versatile delivery system for supplements. For consumers, effervescence provides an alluring sensory experience over traditional tablets. In tablet or sachet form, effervescents are convenient and portable. Once reconstituted, they are an easy-to-swallow delivery system.

Manufacturing effervescent products presents several challenges, requiring a dedicated, specialized facility with extremely low humidity processing conditions and specialized packaging. This requires expensive equipment and packaging components.

Ashland’s patent pendingStableFizz™effervescent base combines a stabilized effervescent granulation system without the challenges of conventional effervescent technologies. Manufacturers can enjoy improved profitability due to increased formulation stability thereby avoiding the use of specialized equipment with high processing expenses. Additionally, StableFizz™ base eliminates the need for specialized retail packaging. Easy to use and versatile, it works in different dosage forms:  tablets, sachets, powdered beverages in canisters.