Fort Myers, FL—Organic & Natural (O&N) Health Association’s 7thannual conference was a success, according to a press release.

Image courtesy of O&N.

The conference took place at Diamondhead Beach Resort in Fort Myers, FL, from January 25-27. Eight board members, 18 speakers, 23 guests, and 44 members attended.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Pierre Kory, a critical care physician and President of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. He led intensive care units in multiple COVID hotspots throughout the pandemic during searches in New York City, NY; Greenville, SC; and Milwaukee, WI.

Other speakers included representatives from MegaFood, HealthLoq, NSF International, SENPA, and more. Plus, the conference saw the introduction of “The Health Check,” a seal developed by HRI Labs that has been added to O&N Health’s Annual Member Attestation. The program tests for 200 different pesticides, and calls for every individual lot to be tested, providing scientific proof that products are truly organic.

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Image courtesy of O&N.

O&N Executive Director Karen Howard presented a Visionary Award to Ronnie Cummins on behalf of the O&N Board of Directors for his work with the Organic Consumers Association (a video of the presentation can be viewed here).

Members and guests enjoyed golf, dinners, and speed networking events.

Sponsors of the conference included AIDP, Mercola, Atrium Innovations, and CHR Hansen.

O&N providedthis video recap of the conference.