We're down to the wire with holiday shopping, but there's still time for consumers to find a useful and thoughtful natural gift for an older friend or family member. Out of 10,000 responses from seniors,SeniorCare.comhas pinpointed top 10 holiday gifts for older family members and friends. A lot of those gift ideas can be found in the local natural products store year-round. And when it comes to the season of giving, we all know there's nothing like a home-cooked meal.

Here are SeniorCare.com'sTop 10 holiday gift ideas:
  1. House Cleaning Service: 88% of seniors like this gift idea
  2. Chocolate: 87%
  3. Fruit Basket: 83%
  4. Cash: 79%
  5. Everyday Items (stamps, shampoo, etc.): 79%
  6. Meal Delivery Service (Uber Eats, Grub Hub): 78%
  7. Snacks: 78%
  8. Cheese and Crackers: 77%
  9. Gift Cards: 76%
  10. Automotive Service: 76%
There's a ton of opportunity to incorporate natural products into this year's gift giving season. To start, promote those natural cleaners free of toxic and harsh chemicals. Read more about better options inWholeFoods'Cleaner, Greener Household Cleaners.When it comes to indulging, there's nothing like a good chocolate bar, chocolate ice cream, or cookie. Merchandise the gourmet chocolates by placing them closer to the registers as good stocking stuffers—without the preservatives and additives. Read into gourmet indulgneces inHow Sweet it Is,a feature that'll make you hungry and offer some trends in the category. A practical gift to showcase to your shoppers? Natural and organic health products ranging from shampoos to lotion. Check out what's new and hot inskincare,oral care, and essential hand sanitizers!

How to sell these items in store? Add an end-cap featuring a combination of products. Pack "gifts for seniors" filled with natural product essentials to promote healthy aging from organic produce to Vitamin D.

While this holiday season will be different than most, the essentials are more important than ever.

Founded in 2010, theSeniorCare.commission is to inform consumers about the realities and options within the senior care industry. Read the full survey resultshere.

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