Boulder, CO—The creator of Regenerative Earth Summit and the Women Leading Regeneration Summit, At the Epicenter, has rebranded as Regenerative Rising, according to a press release. The group has also unveiled a new website, networking platform, and fall event lineup.

“When we began At the Epicenter [in 2010], it was a local-centric idea.  But over the past few years our focus, reach and intention have pivoted deeply into elevating the principles of regeneration on both a national and global scale,” said Seleyn DeYarus, Founder and Executive Director of Regenerative Rising, in the press release. “We have clearly put our stake in the ground for the power of this idea of regeneration. And the name Regenerative Rising expresses the dynamic truth that regeneration is rising in its prestige and influence globally. The term is resonating all over the planet and we are helping to safeguard the integrity of the idea while elevating and forwarding regenerative principles to heal the relationship between people and the earth.”

Upcoming events include:

Regenerative Earth Summit: Moving to How, Creating Regeneration
  • Session 1: October 29 and 30, 2020 - “Regenerative Leadership”
  • Session 2: December 1 and 2, 2020 - “Building a Regenerative Organization”
  • Session 3: TBA February 2021 - “Regenerative Systems Transformation”
  • Session 4: TBA April, 2021 - “Regeneration and Global Impact”
Women Leading Regeneration
  • On The Land, October 1st, 12pm-3pm MT, hosted by Daniela Ibarra-Howell of Savory Institute.
  • In the Wardrobe, November 18th, 12pm-3pm MT
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Regenerative Rising is launching an online Regenerative Member Community to actively help professionals, brands, and farmers connect with colleagues on a local and global level in order to accelerate the adoption of regenerative principles, the press release states. “We want to facilitate engagement between stakeholders and educate people just coming to these ideas through our website and programs that have led us to be a part of the global galvanizing network for this movement,” DeYarus explained in the press release. “At the last Regenerative Earth Summit, we heard from our partners that there is a need to dig further into the how and the need to find ways to keep channels of communication on regenerative open outside of the timelines of a summit convening.  Through our specific focus on addressing “How” at our upcoming Regenerative Earth Summit series and through the Regenerative Member Community, we feel we are effectively addressing these stated needs in service to the growing regenerative community.”

And, of course, there’, the new website. “With our new website we are upping our educational platform to become a destination for people who want to know more.  And working to offer content and inspiration that meets the individual at their current point of interest and learning in this potent topic,” said DeYarus.

Regenerative Rising also works with The American Sustainable Business Council, Climate Collaborative, Kiss the Ground, Inland Ocean Coalition, and River Network.

DeYarus concluded: “It is an unsustainable business strategy to focus on profitability at the expense of the health of your customers and the natural resources that keep you in business.  That is obvious...and change is necessary.  All indicators are that the changes we are highlighting are proving profitable. We are seeing that through companies like Danone, Applegate, Patagonia, Timberland, Eileen Fisher, Alter Eco, Guayaki, Thrive Market, HB Specialty Foods, Dr. Bronner’s, Pipeline Foods and the list goes on. All of these companies from supply to manufacturing both in food and apparel are seeing what is needed to have a successful long-term existence as a business. And they are making significant commitments to regenerative strategies, not just sustainable strategies.”