Vista, CA—Dr. Bronner’s now sources its entire supply of USDA hemp seed oil used in its soap and other body care products from U.S. farmers, according to a press release, which states that this “profound and long-sought accomplishment… marks the cumulative success of more than two decades of committed advocacy by the company to legalize hemp farming in the U.S.,” advocacy which includes widespread public education and grassroots organization; the donation of more than $3.6 million to legalization efforts over the past two decades; and engagement in numerous legal battles to protect the right of farmers to cultivate this crop.

“Bringing hemp back to the American agricultural landscape is a big win for farmers, consumers, environmentalists and sustainable manufacturers alike, and we’re proud to support the growing U.S. hemp industry with our dedicated business,” said David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer of Dr. Bronner’s, in the press release. “We will continue the fight to further dismantle unjust federal prohibition of cannabis cultivation in the U.S., so that the full healing potential of this plant is realized—for the sake of our health and the planet.”

Hemp seed oil contains vitamin E and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making it hydrating for the skin, the press release says. Dr. Bronner’s sources their hemp oil from supply partners including Victory Hemp Foods, which works with farmers in Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Texas, and Washington.
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Hemp is a renewable and sustainable resource for both fiber and seed. It is fast-growing and can be readily incorporated into regenerative organic crop rotations, the press release notes, mitigating agriculture’s contribution to climate change by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Sourcing hemp from U.S. farmers contributes to the revitalization of rural farming communities.

“Dr. Bronner's has been a leading voice and contributor working to change federal legislation allowing hemp to be grown here in the U.S. The company’s purchasing power has allowed us to expand contracts and acreage to prioritize U.S. farmers making organic hemp part of a rotation that helps to build soil and sequester carbon,” said Chad Rosen, Founder and CEO of Victory Hemp Foods, in the press release. “As a value-add processor that is contracting farmers and converting farm commodities into ingredients, it is critical that we align with customers that share our goal to shape the supply chain into one that will result in a positive outcome for our farmers and the environment. We're very fortunate to work with Dr. Bronner's team, and are excited to be making a positive impact in our communities.”