Brooklyn, NY—Chlorophyll Water has announced that its packaging will now be landfill biodegradable, designed to eliminate pollution, reduce GHG emissions and recover clean renewable energy.

A proprietary additive attached to the bottles contains organic materials, designed to attract microbial activity within the landfill, the company says. In under 7 years, the bottles will be 100% degraded, compared to the traditional 450-1000 years.

"Chlorophyll Water had already made some key product decisions around greening and sustainability as evidenced by their 100% Recyclable, BPA-Free, and Non-Toxic bottles, and packaging made from 100% recycled paper," noted Green Business Bureau in a press release. "But they knew this wasn’t the end of the road. And by Fall 2019, Chlorophyll Water bottles will be landfill biodegradable, designed to eliminate pollution, reduce GHG emissions, and recover renewable energy. Last, each case sold ships with a recycling bag that serves as a reminder about who they are and what they stand for.”

In addition to achieving sustainability recognition, Chlorophyll has partnered withOne Tree Planted, a 501(c) non-profit that works against global deforestation by planting trees as well asTrinity Services and Food for the Homeless to provide water to those who do not have access.

Stay up to date on how Chlorophyll Water gives back by following #PlantKindness onTwitter. The company donates one case of Chlorophyll Water each and every week to those who “plant it forward,” by sharing acts of kindness and creating social good.

Learn more about Cholorphyll Water,here.