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Studies suggest that tremella mushroom, an exotic mushroom similar to shiitake and reishi, helps increase moisture in the body and nourish the lungs, stomach and kidneys. In addition, it has shown to be useful as a beauty aid by moisturizing the skin. Mushroom Wisdom’s products provide support for “healthy skin, inside and out.”

For “outside” beauty, Mushroom Wisdom offers Aquamella Cream. This skin cream, which Mushroom Wisdom says is the “beauty secret of a legend,” Chinese beauty Yang Guifei, combines tremella mushrooms and pearls. Tremella’s unique polysaccharide GXM has powerful water-absorbing and -
retaining ability, which benefits youthful and vibrant skin. GXM has been scientifically proven to hold 25% more water than its competitor, sodium hyaluronic acid, which is often used in other skin care products. Aquamella Cream also has pearl powder which, according to research, slows the development of pigmentation, reducing skin discoloration and lightening uneven skin tone. Pearl powder has also been found to minimize large pores and reduce redness. Aquamella Cream contains minerals and amino acids for healthy cells and tissues.
SRP: $49.95, 2-oz jar.

Super Tremella tablets are best to use in conjunction with Aquamella Cream to experience the ultimate benefits of tremella mushroom. Used primarily for “inside” beauty, Super Tremella tablets contain both the whole fruit body of tremella as well as its high-quality hot water extract to support healthy skin and bones. Also included in the formula is extract of Maitake D-fraction for healthy immune function support. Each four-tablet serving also contains 80 mg of vitamin C. Tremella mushroom itself is more than 70% dietary fiber, the consumption of which may support digestive/colon function; it also supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The vegetarian capsules are free of sugar, yeast, mold, corn, wheat, soy and preservatives.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2013