Lily of the Desert

1887 Geesling Rd., Denton, TX 76208,


New from Lily of the Desert, a recognized leader in the Aloe vera industry for over 40 years, is Aloe Mix n’ Go. These convenient, easy-to-use packets are drink mixes that contain the equivalent of 4 oz of Lily of the Desert Aloe vera. Each packet contains 200 active nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help keep the body healthy. Just mix one low-calorie, zero-sugar packet into a 16.9-fl. oz. bottle of water and enjoy the health benefits of Aloe vera. Aloe Mix n’Go is available in four flavors: Original (Naturally Aloe Flavored), Lemonade, Strawberry-Kiwi and Pomegranate. One packet contains 20 calories or less and is naturally sweetened with xylitol and stevia. Distribution price: $9.05. Wholesale price: $12.07. MSRP: $19.99.

Lily of the Desert focuses on the health benefits of Aloe vera, a plant whose benefits include: digestion support, immune system support, antioxidant support, hydration and detoxification.  Other products from Lily of the Desert include beverages, lip balm, hair care, body care, herbal stomach formulas to balance stomach acid and a gelly to soothe sunburned and sensitive skin. The company also makes products that may promote healthy weight loss through glucose management with active ingredients derived from aloe polysaccharides. Lily of the Desert provides “Whole Body Health. Anytime. Anywhere.”

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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2013